garage-doorIf you are using an attached garage door, here are some additional steps you can make sure your home is not prone to burglars. We want to ensure that your home or business is safe from intrusion.

Steps to Consider

Our service recommends that the interior of your house should be as strong as the front door. A solid-core wood door or reinforced steel door is necessary for top-notch security. This ensures extra protection between your garage and your valuables that are present in your home.

Also, to ensure maximum security, you should install a deadbolt on that interior door. We understand that it might take longer to get inside your house, but it will be worth it so you do not have to deal with theft in the future.

Don’t leave your garage door open! This is inviting anyone to have a look and case what they’d like to take! It doesn’t matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, well-to-do areas are often the first ones targeted, especially if you advertise what’s there for the taking!

If you selected a garage door with windows, it is important that you use a simple frosting spray or use a cover of some sort. This also ensures that criminals do not see what is in your garage.

Another easy deterrent is spotlighting the area around your garage. Motion-activated spotlights are inexpensive and make it much harder for a thief to slink around the entrance of your garage.

Don’t leave your car keys in the car! This is a common mistake homeowners make, but if a thief gains access to your garage they’ve got your vehicle at that point. Keep them inside that reinforced door to your home!


A little vigilance and preparation can go a very long way. Have any additional tips that our readers might enjoy? Let us know!